Data Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is always a top priority here at NAKED NUTS. Protecting your personal data ir very importante to us. This data privacy policy describes how we process certain informations about you, your computer, or your mobile device.

In this document, we also explain how we use cookies and analysis tools throughout our entire website and in our products. We observe the currently applicable data privacy laws and this data privacy policy at all times. We only transfer data as described in this policy.

Which types of personal data do we process?

When you visit our website, we might store information on the region from wich you accessed our website, information about your device, operating system, and browser, on how you use our website and whether you have visited us before.

You will need to open an account to purchase our products, and when you open your account, we will collect personal data, for example, your name, IP adress, date of birth, telephone number and address.

How do we use cookies analysis and tracking tools?

If you use our website, your browser will download cookies. Cookies make it possible to identify your browser, for example, to ensure that our website is displayed correctly. We also use cookies on different pages o four website to analyze how you use our website. This informationcan then be used to optimize the site, for example, the shopping cart features for orders placed in our onlie shop.

Who do we transfer personal data to?

We do not transfer your personal data to third parties for any reason. We are the only one who process your data, for the following purpose: (i) to meet our contractual obligations to you; (ii) to ensure the use of our products without problems; (iii) to improve and optmize the features, security, safety and stability or our products; (iv) for administrative purpose; and (v) to comply with the requirements imposed by public law and other regulations.

Time limits for storage and deletion

We only storage the personal data we need to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected. The time limit for storage is based on statutory requirements and the duration o four contractual relationship.

Once the data is no longer in use, we will anonymize and/or delete it as required by law. If you request that your data be deleted, please note that we will block your data immediately, however, technical restraints may cause a delay of up to 30 days until we can permanently delete your data. Also note, that once we confirm your request to delete your data, it will no longer be possible to recover it.

How can you withdraw your consente?

If you gave us your consente to process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw your consente at any time. To do so, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Changes to the current privacy policy

Thsi data privacy policy is reviewed ar irregular intervals to keep it up to date with the current developments in our company, our products, statutory regulations and social developments.