Spoonful - Naked Nuts

1) Walk quietly into the kitchen

Comfortable shoes (barefoot), light clothes, smile on your face.

2) Start the search for your Naked Nuts

Your housemates may have hidden the jar

3) Spoonful

Only you know how much you deserve this moment!

Fruit - Naked Nuts

1) Choose your fruit

If the fruit is frozen the experience gets even more Naked.

2) Dive it into the jar

We have already heard of fruit cases that didn’t come back from this tour!

3) Enjoy the Ride

Fruits are cool, with Naked even more

Fruit - Naked Nuts
Iogurt - Naked Nuts
Iogurt - Naked Nuts

1) Choose your favorite yogurt

It will be waiting for you!

2) A spoonful of Naked without moderation.

If you want, add oatmeal, fruits, granola and what else your heart tells you to add!

3) Now, having yogurt is your new favorite sport.

It will be hard to avoid the second round!

Bread - Naked Nuts

1) A slice, a whole loaf or whatever your hunger asks for

Friendly advice? Warm bread!

2) Spread your favorite Naked

“Visual therapy” moment.

3) Junk desserts should be really concerned, right?

Health and taste all at once. Eat without moderation.

Bread - Naked Nuts
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