Common Questions - Naked Nuts


If you are outside Brazil here is the only place you can find our products for the moment. Our e-commerce is fast and easy to find your favorite Naked! Give us a try!

Unfortunately, we don’t have at the moment!

Depends on where you live! But don’t worry It’s possible to calculate before finishing your purchase!

6 months, but for most people it ends before than 4 days, it’s not a joke! Natural product without food preservatives, so there is nothing to extend the validity.

In your heart! =). We recommend keeping in a cool and odorless place. It’s not necessary to refrigerate our products, but it’s up to you!

Yes, It’s normal! Our products are without food preservatives. This liquid is nothing else than the good peanut/cashew fat, so just mix it and the texture will return to be homogeneous and ideal.

Who came first, the egg or the chicken? Why is yawning contagious? There are some unanswered questions. Jokes aside, as much as you like, think about it, life is too short for a single spoonful. Don’t you think?

Very serious! Our butters are 100% natural and almost 90% pure nut. With Naked your food can be tasty and healthy every day.

Not at all.

It’s a secret, but they are basically made of Cocoa Butter, Powdered Milk and Maltitol. Our Vegan White Chocolate it’s similar, but with Coconut Milk instead powdered milk; Our Vegan Chocolate 50% are basically made of Cocoa Butter and Maltitol and our Milk Chocolate sugar free: maltitol, Powdered Milk lactose free and Cocoa Butter.

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